PL/SQL Introduction

PL/SQL Introduction:

  •  PL/SQL is the procedural language which is used in oracle platform. 
  •  PL/SQL enables program or Application developers to combine SQL with procedural statements.

 PL/SQL Block contains four sections,

   1. Declare(Optional)

   2. Begin(Mandatory)

   3. Exception(Optional)

   4. End(Mandatory)



      Declaration statements ;


      Executable statements ;


     Exception handling statements ;





    v_count number;


       select count(*) into v_count

       from emp;


      when SQL%Notfound then

            Dbms_Output.Put_line('No data found');





·       Declare section starts with DECLARE keyword in which constants, variables, cursors can be declared which stores data temporarily.

·       This Declare section is optional.


·       Execution section starts with BEGIN and ends with END Keyword. program logic to be written here to perform any task, it support all

·       DDL, DML commands ,condition expressions etc.This section is Mandatory.


·       It starts with Exception keyword. which is used to handle the run time errors in the executable section. This section is optional.

PL/SQL Main concepts:

  1. Procedures

  2. Functions

  3. Packages

  4. Triggers

  5. Cursors

  6. Exception handling




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