How to install mysql database and set configuration

Mysql database installation:
Hi, I hope this tutorial will be better for you. I am showing how to install the MySQL database and set its configuration 
Step1: Click the below link to download the Mysql database.
In the above link, select 398.9mb to  download,

Step2: After downloading, right-click on the MySQL software and click the install option.

Step3: wait for the window configure to MySQL software installer. 

Step4: Choose any setup type, here I install the developer default setup type for developing and testing work and press the next button. 

Step5: To install MySQL database require a network. So just click the execute button.

Step6: If you click in the execute button, it will display a popup message for continue download. Just click the yes button.  

Step7: The below screenshot is explained, installation of the following products so just gives execute.  

Step8: Once successfully installed then it display ready to configure. Then go to the next.

Step9: Just click the next button.

Step10: Again click the next button.

Step11: Here, Set password for the MySQL database. 

Step12: If successfully applied configuration just clicks continue for router configuration.

Step13: Give a password and if you need to change the user name, you can change here.  

Step14: The check button is used to check the username and password of the MySQL database configuration.

Step15: Once successfully router configuration is applied then apply then just click next button only.

Step16: If successfully installed the MySQL then automatically opens Mysql workbench software.


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