Python Introduction and installation

Python Introduction:

What is Python:

Python is an interpreted, high-level programming language. This python was created by Guido van Rossum and released in 1991.

  • Python provides an easy syntax which makes programming simple and is done in a very compact manner.
  • Main The aim of Python programming language is to make the code readable. 
  • Python provides a large standard library that manages memory automatically.
  • Web site & web applications,
  • Scientific & Numeric computing,
         Ex: Packages (earthpy for earth science, astropy for astronomy )  
  • Python for developing desktop GUI applications, and so on.
Reasons to choose python:
  • Simple elegant syntax
  • Not overly strict
  • Greate community & support
Download & Installation:
Step1: First see your OS. For example, I have windows 10 64 bit OS. Right-click on Mycomputer icon and select properties.

Step2: Click the below link for download python software.

Step3: Go to download folder and right-click on python software, choose run as administrator for install the python.

Step4: Then just click two check-box and click on Install now. 

Step5: Once the setup successfully done, then close it. 

Open Python software:
Go to start and browse a Python folder, then choose IDLE (python 3.8.1 64 bit). 
Python can work in two modes:
1.Script Mode(IDLE(Python 3.8.1 64-bit ))

2.Shell Mode(Python 3.8.1 64-bit)


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