Register custom form on the Oracle application:

Steps to create custom form in the form builder and register into oracle application (EBS) 

Step 1: Download the below forms from $AU_TOP/forms/US in your server directory and place it in local directory i.e. C:\DevSuiteHome_1\forms.

  • TEMPLATE.fmb
  • APPSTAND.fmb

Step 2: Download the all PL/SQL libraries ( .pll and .plx) from  $AU_TOP/resource/US (one time only) and place it in C:\DevSuiteHome_1\forms.

Step 3: Design the form in the oracle form builder.

For Example, I create a custom Quote search form in builder.

Open the form TEMPLET.fmb from the form builder.

Rename the form name like MM_QUOTE_SEARCH (example).

Before changing the form name:

After changing the form name:

Step 4: Remove the below details and add required details

Delete the following from object navigator from the form builder.

  • Delete BLOCKNAME and DETAILBLOCK from the data block.

  • Delete BLOCKNAME on canvas.

  • Delete BLOCKNAME in window.

Step 5: Create frame, canvas, items, block, and windows based on requirements.

  • Create a new window and named as MM_QUOTE_WINDOW (example).
  • Create a new canvas and named as MM_QUOTE_SEARCH_CAN.
  • Create a new data block and named as QUOTE_BLK.
  • Create a frame in the Canvas and attached the items based on requirements.

Step 6: Modify the PRE-FORM Trigger form the form.

Before modifying the form:

After changing the form: Change the window position.

Step 7: Modifying the Program unit

Go to APP_CUSTOM*(Package Body).

Type your First window name in place of <your first window>.

Compile the code.

Before modifying the code:

After changing the code:

Note: If any Item in the Datablock is of Date type and you want to attach a standard calender to it

Do the following  instruction:

  • Go to ExpireDate (item) > Property palate > Subclass Information > Property Class
  • Give property class name as TEXT_ITEM_DATE
  • Create KEY-LISTVAL item level trigger and add the following code into it; and compile the trigger.

Step 8: Upload your .fmb file to the server.

Before uploading the form, check the run file system.

Do the following steps to know the run file system:

1) Open the putty

2) Enter the database name:

3) Enter your folder details on your server:

 For example,

 cd /u01/app/appebsd/EBSDEV

Press enter then again enter or paste the below code:

 source EBSapps.env

4) Now upload the .fmb file to the server on $AU_TOP/forms/US. 

Step 9: Compile the form in the server.

Open the putty and enter like the below format.


Press enter then again enter or paste the below code:


frmcmp_batch userid= User Name/Database module=$AU_TOP/forms/US/Form_Name.fmb output_file=$XXX_TOP/forms/US/Form_Name.fmx module_type=form batch=no compile_all=yes


frmcmp_batch userid=apps/Appsdev123 module=$AU_TOP/forms/US/MM_QUOTE_SEARCH.fmb output_file=$MUTL_TOP/forms/US/MM_QUOTE_SEARCH.fmx module_type=form batch=no compile_all=yes

Step 10: Register the form in oracle application.

Path to find the register form:

Application Developer>Application>Form

Give the details:

Step 11: Registering the FORM to a form function

Path to find the form function:

System Administrator >Application > Function

Give the details:

Step 12: Registering the form function to the menu.

Path to find the menu name:

System Administrator>Responsibility

Press F11 and enter responsibility name then press CTRL+F11.

Now note the menu name then go to

System Administrator> Application>Menu

Refer to the below screenshots.

Again press F11 and enter the user menu name then press CTRL+F11.

Now add the function name with the last sequence then save.

Check the request, If this request status complete with normal then it has been added the form to the menu. 

Step 13: Now add form personalization at the added responsibility for launching the form function.


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