Beginners for JAVA language

 Basics of java programming:

To write a java program, the following details, are need.

1. Command-line:
  • It describes what's going on inside a program, so that person looking at the source code does not have a hard time figuring it out.
  • That means human understanding and not be execute in output.
  • Types of comments:
    (i) Single line comments:
                 //Statements or Comment 
    (ii) Multiline comments or comments for combined in multi line:
                  /* comment */
                  /** comment */
  • A variable is nothing but it allocates the memory space and holds the values.
  • That means every memory of address is difficult to use in the program, conversely, we give that address as a simple user-defined word or character is called variable.
  • For example, each user dials the call using a contact name only not use the phone number. i.e. each user needs an easy way to access the phone number to make a call to others.
  • Here, the phone number act as a memory address and saved details of contacts called variables(this process happens in CPU).
                         Data_type variable_name;
                         int x, y;
    Rules for naming the variables:
    • The first character must be an alphabet or an underscore(_).
    • No commas or blank spaces are allowed within a variable name.
    • No special symbols, an underscore can be used in a variable name.
    Scope of variables:
    • It implies the availability of variables within the program.
    • It is divided into two types.
         (i) Local variable:
    • The variables which are defined inside the function block called a local variable.
                           public static void main (String args[])
                                  int a,b;//local variable
         (ii) Global variable:
    • The variables that are declared before the main() a function is called a global variable.
                          int a,b;//Global variable
                          public static void main (String args[])
    3.Data types:
    • The data type is the type or kind of data, that is going to process within the program. 
        Pre-defined data type:
    • The most widely used data types are
     4. Input function:
    • This function is used to get value from users.

                          Scanner object_name= new Scanner(;

                          variable_name= scanner_object_name.input_type();

    5. Input type:
    •  It is used to indicate unknown value for types to display on the output screen and also get value from the user. ( i.e. Holds unknown values).
    There are,  
    6.Output function: 
    • This function is used to show details on the output screen for user understanding.
    7.Escape sequence: 
    • This is used to align output on the screen.

    Example program:
    1. // Write a program to add two number and value get from user.

      package exampleprogram;

      import java.util.Scanner;

      public class Exampleprogram {

          public static void main(String[] args) {

             Scanner input = new Scanner(;

             int a,b;

             System.out.println("\t\t  Additions of two number.... ");

             System.out.println("\nEnter two value  : ");

             a = input.nextInt();

             b = input.nextInt();

             int c=a+b;

             System.out.println("Additions of a and b value is : "+c);




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