Object and constructor in python


  • An object is used to access the members of the class.
  • It simply said as the short name of the class.


  • The constructor is used to initialize the variables and sharing the values to functions.
  • Further, it is mainly for object calls.
  • __init__ (double underscore) is the standard function name for initializing the values.
  • Self is not a keyword. It is just variable for connecting function value to constructor.
  • Self is used to pass a value into the function from constructor value.

  1. import module_name#optional

    class class_name:

        def __init__(self,parameter_list):


        def function_name(self,list_of_patameters):


    object_name=class_name(parameter_list)#Parameter list based on constructor

    object_name.function_name(list_of_patameters)#Function calling through object

Example program:

  1. class calculator:

        def __init__(self, x, y):

            self.x = x

            self.y = y

        def add(self):

            return self.x+self.y

        def sub(self):

            return self.x-self.y

        def mul(self):

            return self.x*self.y

        def div(self):

            return self.x/self.y

    x,y=input("Enter two values: ").split()


    print("Add value:",c.add())

    print("Sub value:",c.sub())

    print("Mul value:",c.mul())

    print("Div value:",c.div())



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