Class in Python

Introductions of Class:

  • Class is used to hold data members and member function i.e. variables and functions.
  • It can be easily accessed anywhere and used to reduce the reusability of the code.
  • The class name is a user-defined word.
For example,
  • Let’s take student,
  • Student properties are all called variables and student performance or student-related calculations(i.e. student result based on total and it may be pass or fail) is called as a function.
The student is a class.
Student properties (variables) : Roll_num,name,age,ect.
Student behaviours(function)  : total,average,result,fees details ect.
  • If one or more variables declared within the class, called data members.
  • If one or more functions declared within the class, called member function.
  1. import module_name#optional

    class class_name:

        def function_name(list_of_patameters):


        function_name(list_of_patameters)#Function calling

Example program:

  1. class calculator:

        def add(x,y):

            return x+y

        def sub(x,y):

            return x-y

        def mul(x,y):

            return x*y

        def div(x,y):

            return x/y

        a,b=input("Enter two values: ").split()

        print("Add value:",add(int(a),int(b)))

        print("Sub value:",sub(int(a),int(b)))

        print("Mul value:",mul(int(a),int(b)))

        print("Div value:",div(int(a),int(b)))



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